About Balzano: Est. in 1908 in Italy, Balzano has evolved as a quality brand over last 110 years. With Italian craftsmanship and Italian design team we wish to fill our customers life with healthy living, style and convenience globally. With our owned production facility in Italy, China and Japan we wish to bring delight and health by offering World Class luxury products for your home and kitchen at affordable prices. Being sold in over 3000 retailers and over 40 countries, we believe in delivering best products with unparalleled aftersales service at your doorstep.

Italian craftsmanship perfected over the century

Founded in Verres, Aosta valley region of northwestern Italy, Balzano's journey began in 1908. A pioneer factory that used electric ovens to melt aluminum for industrial use, the Cravetto steel plant later gave girth to Guinzio Rossi, a company that later became the largest producer of aluminum household goods in Tialy. Recognised for our expertise, with the rise ofaluminum goods in th 1930s, we became the main supplier for the Tialian army.
Deeply rooted in our history of mamufacturing and production, we continuously sought to push boundaries, incorporating our expertise in metals, forefornt production technique and modern designs in all of our products. In the 1940s Guinzio Rossi produced the aluminum milk bottle, an essential product that not only became intergral th Italian heritage but also pivotal to Balzano's future creations. From producting the icnonic La Kikka, Carmencita, to disigning the Espresso Point Matinee with Lavazza, our expertise and collaborations with some of the most prominent Italian architects and designers paved way for us to revolutionarise coffee-makeing as the main equipment supplier for renowned Italian coffee brands, bringing the authentic Italian taste th coffee aficionados worldwide.
With the acquistion and leadership of Salvino Balzano in the 1980s, the company went through its most successful period to date. Creating sophisticated products that meet function and form, our cookware, coffee products and home aplliances are crafted with exceptional quality, acre and craftsmanship that have been refined and perfected over the century. Today, Balzano's products are at the forefront of Italian designes, welcomed and sought out by professional kithcens and homes worldwide. We continue to create and innovate, bringing our commitiment to excellence into our new products, ranging from hydrogen water makers and purificers, oil-free air fryers, cold-pressed juicers and home appliances.