The History of Balzano


Balzano originates from Verres, a small town in the northern part of Italy.

Our factorystarted producing heavy steel for industrialuse.


Aluminium household goods begin to be produced, and we become a main supplier for the Italian Army.

Carlo Molino, an eminent architect of the Italian Futurist movement is commissioned, designing products for us reflect the most modern production techniquesof the time.

Savino Balzano acquires our factory.

With new ownership, the company undergoes its most successful period. Marco Zanuso, Italy’s father of modern design, is hired to to design the stainless steel line. Together, the iconic Carmencita coffee pot is designed, makingcoffee affordablefor all.



Stainless steel is integrated into the factory.

This is used to produce pots and pans with a three layered base.

These products are widely accepted in Italy and go on to be sold in France, Belgium and then the rest of Europe.



Working with Lavazza, Savino Balzano designs and produces the “Espresso Point Matinee” which is one of the world’s first automatic coffee machines that use small coffee-filled capsules. The Matinee becomes an icon for coffee aficionadosin the 1990s.

Langenthal, a Swiss producer of Porcelian acquires shares in our factory. Balzano becomes the preferred choice for professional chefs in hotels of the Conrad and Four Seasons Group. Items made from Stainless Steel such as coffee pots, buffet chafing dishes and cutleryare supplied.



Appoint Chef Manal Al Alem as brand ambassador , who widely known and loved by millions of fans in the Middle East and Worldwide, and holder of the title“Queen of the Arabic Kitchen”.


Our history of commitment to produce the finest kitchen and coffee-making products is being maintained. Moreover, our customers can now enjoy our new products. These are water and air purifiers, oil-less air fryers, cold-pressed juicers and cosmetics that emphasisehealthy livingand consumption.