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DIDIM the definition is to always be in a situation where it is win-win, to be a stepping stone for the success of all partner companies. We transcend this exact philosophy with every individual we come across

- Balzano chosen by chefs - Luxury with world-class designers and master craftsman - Providing optimal comfort and balance - Multiply stainless steel construction with thick and pure aluminum core and copper which conducts heat quickly and evenly - Health conscious cooking, fast and easy cleanup - Aluminum won't become exposed or pit - Layers won't delaminate and separa

About Balzano

Balzano originates from Verres, a small town in the northern part of Italy.

Our factorystarted producing heavy steel for industrialuse.

Aluminium household goods begin to be produced, and we become a main supplier for the Italian Army.

Balzano Team

Marco Zanuso

Giorgetto Giugiaro

Pino Spagnolo